Winter Skin Care

Help your skin during the Winter months ahead. Caring for our skin during winter takes more effort because the conditions have different factors against our layers. Skin gets exposed to the elements: cold and air whipping wind. More moisture gets taken from our skin and so it ends up feeling more dry than usual. And indoors it’s blasted with dry heat.

The following tips should help your skin maintain its fresh and hydrated look:

  • Keep the moisture you do have by encouraging your skin to produce its natural oils. After having a bath or a shower, pat your skin dry and apply your moisturiser to your damp skin.
  • Add moisture to your home by countering the effects of central heating. Either by using a humidifier or by having a large bowl filled with water in the room with the heating on.
  • Add moisture from the inside out by increasing your water intake.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen. Just because the weather doesn’t feel as hot it does not mean that the sun isn’t strong!
  • Moisturise your skin very well. Maybe even consider swapping to an oil based moisturiser. Also consider overnight deep moisturising treatments.
  • Switch your cleanser. It might be a good idea to swap your current body wash for a more moisturizing hydrating cleanser in winter particularly if your usual choice contains drying ingredients like glycolic or salicylic acid. Tone and moisturize within 30 seconds of finishing cleansing to avoid further dehydration.
  • Take extra care. If you happen to suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis be sure to avoid any irritants or allergens that you know flare your condition.

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