Toothpaste for Kids

Even the coolest kids will be quick to get on board with our new Kids toothpaste. Not only does it protect and strengthen teeth and gums, but it is guaranteed to put a smile on their face thanks to its groovy fruity flavour.

Bye bye plaque and bacteria, hello healthy teeth and gums – and all it takes is a couple of minutes.


This toothpaste contains no harmful ingredients such as SLS, triclosan or microplastics.

For most toothpastes, the list of ingredients is full of strange words. Not this one. What’s in it? Only good stuff. Fluoride, for example, which strengthens teeth. Enzymes are another ingredient. They support the saliva’s natural protective role, so that it can work on remineralising the enamel of the teeth. It also contains sorbitol, which prevents the toothpaste from drying out. Then there’s a dash of xylitol, which protects against bacteria and also strengthens the teeth. We hope your kids have a berry good time brushing their teeth!

Check out all the flavours:

Children’s Toothpaste

CK 4260 Curakid

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