The Lipstick

A must have in our purse, a lipstick not to be missed! 

We originally launched The Lipstick Matte & Fluid from Nee Make Up Milano. The packaging includes a liquid applicator. Thanks to the creamy formula made with water it is very easily spreadable. It keeps our lips hydrated and preserves their colour for many hours. It is also characterised by a pleasant fragrance slightly fruity but not intrusive. Another interesting thing is their ability to combine color, opacity and durability, for lips that will be flawless until the evening. On the other hand, their water-based formula makes them easily removable with a makeup remover or water micellar. We now have many more colours available from the Matte & Fluid collection. 

However, we are now launching The Lipstick Shiny & Fluid, available in 5 colours. This liquid lipstick has a gloss effect, is long lasting and lightweight. Colour and brightness blend perfectly on the lips, make up for a fresh and light, extreme and exceptional comfort seal. Texture enriched with a blend of butters including the mango, for a nourishing, anti-aging and smoothing finish.

Directions: define the outline lips with Lip Pencil Miracle and proceed with the drafting of liquid lipstick with the applicator in this pack. Starting from the center of the mouth towards the sides for the upper lip, and coming from the corners to the center for the lower lip.

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