Liu Jo

Directly inspired by the brand fashion DNA, the Eau de Parfum will capture the essence of the Liu Jo woman.

This woman represents the quintessential of the contemporary woman everyone would love to look like. Modern, refined and self-confident she has a charismatic aura and luminous beauty that radiate all around her.

With a glowing and elegant fragrance, the new Liu Jo Eau de Parfum will allow women to express their radiant beady and shine up everything in their path like a simple ode to the light.

The luminous femininity of the fragrance is revealed by a fresh and bright cocktail of bergamot and mandarin mixed with an unexpected and impertinent lychee.

In the heart, an elegant and sophisticated jasmine glows surrounded by a vivid green lily-of-the-valley and a soft and delicate peach note.

In the dry down, the floriental glamour is unveiled by a fascinating duet of vanilla and sandalwood blended with crystallilne and comfortable musk.

Liu Jo fragrances can now be found at all Chemimart retail outlets, including our online store!

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