Carven Parfums


carven l'absolu chemimart malta

Over the summer Chemimart launched Carven Parfums. The product line consisted of Le Parfum, Eau de Toilette, pour Homme, together with one of Carven’s classics: Vetiver. Since then L’Absolu was even launched, helping the product line grow even more. 

The House of Carven was founded in 1945, where Madame Carven produced fashion in her own image. In 2009, Carven recruited a new artistic director: Guillaume Henry, a man of experience and great talent. Inspired by the Carven story, Guillaume Henry wrote a new chapter based on elegance, femininity, and simplicity at affordable prices. Guillaume Henry has brought us fashion with a unique style, for both women and men.

Le Parfum is their flagship fragrance and it embodies simplicity, freshness, and charm. These notes are expressed through this couture scent. Carven pour homme also embodies the very essence of Carven style but in a masculine mode. Described as an everyday indispensable, to make the ordinary extraordinary.


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