Trevor Sorbie

This week’s spotlight is on TREVOR SORBIE

Trevor Sorbie believes in giving you a fearless and creative hair experience that’s personalised to you, always.

They believe that high quality hair products are the foundation of all great hair styles. Each Trevor Sorbie product is tested and approved by our salon teams and provides a home haircare solution for every hair type.

The majority of our products are vegan, cruelty free and include over 90% natural ingredients.

The Colour Protect line is perfect at the moment if you would like to extend the life of your colour treatments before salons are allowed to open again.

This range helps to enhance colour vibrancy of the hair, and add shine. Perfect for any colour-treated hair, this product contains UV filters and Green Tea which help prevent colour fade and revitalise coloured hair.

It is always a risk to decide to dye your own hair at home, you might not get the colour right or something may go wrong. It is always important to have the right tools in hand. 

Trevor Sorbie Hair Products. It is Trevor Sorbie mission and philosophy to provide every customer with beautiful hair while accepting that we are all special and individual. That’s why they have tailored their products to give you the best experience and results. An entire selection of great award-winning products since 1985. For example “London Stylist of the Year”, “AHFA Britsh Master’s Award” and the “Global Icon Award Winner”.

Our Trevor Sorbie product line can be purchase through our online store!

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