Marketing & Advertising

Kemimport’s commitment to quality and excellence is also reflected in its marketing strategy. From extensive in-store and Point of Sale branding, to continued presence in Malta’s most prestigious media including press, print publications, radio, TV, outdoor and online.

We enjoy frequent editorial space giving more insight about its products. Press releases have become very important and extremely informative for potential clients. They are continuously released weekly introducing new releases and keeping clients up to date. 

Press events are organised on a regular basis to introduce new brands and product lines, typically with the attendance of an expert in the field. Such events are always very well organised and well attended by the press and several of our loyal clients. Our launches always have a bit of a twist in order to keep things different. 

Our team is continuously introducing new ways of remaining as current as ever. The introduction of social media was a big move for the company and has a steadily growing audience every day. We strive to make ourselves seen and heard by our researched target audience. Our esteemed clientele always give us feedback on what is working, and we try our very best to listen and make improvements. 

Kemimport/Chemimart also supports many events and holds significant promotions in order to commemorate them. Ranging from social media competitions to engage our audience to winning a product or a voucher from our outlets. Sales promotions are also held on a frequent basis. We feel that it is important for our loyal clients to be rewarded in order for them to know that they are appreciated. It is always nice to be pampered and that’s exactly what we like to achieve. 

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