Beauty & Wellness

A range of products for beauty and wellness

Beauty and wellness products

Beauty and wellbeing are definitely a core competence of Kemimport as the list of prestigious brands can witness. Apart from excellence in importation and distribution, Kemimport is also highly competent in the marketing of both established and relatively new brands. So much that Kemimport is a regular winner of “highest per capita sales” awards and sales targets achiever. This could only be possible thanks to professionalism when dealing with the supplier, the retailer and the end customer.

The Kemimport beauty and wellbeing product range is wide and varied, ranging from personal care and hygiene to beauty products and wellness.

This market segment is highly competitive with numerous distributors operating with a range of competing products and substitutes. Yet, the Kemimport advantage has always proven to be substantial with success stories being repeated year after year.

Attention to detail across all the supply chain and a deep rooted knowledge of what customers demand is a guarantee that each brand will get the maximum from the local marketplace.

Open and fruitful collaboration with suppliers, accurate and timely stocking, efficient distribution, prominent retail space and substantial marketing effort are the ingredients behind the company’s and the brands’ mutual success.

Fragrances, skincare & cosmetics

Kemimport is the exclusive distributor of some of the most sought after and prestigious fragrances, skincare and cosmetics available on the market.

From stylish and elegant to fresh and modern, the range has the right fragrance for any personality, occasion, preference and budget covering both the prestige and the masstige market segments.

Apart from bringing the very latest fragrances from the international scene, Kemimport also ensures that the products receive optimum visibility and presence. For this reason, Kemimport supplies retail with high quality Point of Sale supporting material, shelving embellishments and decorations.

Being highly seasonal, great attention is given to the marketing aspect of the fragrances. Apart from regular product launches and press events, the products are backed up by on-going and aggressive advertising.

Depending on the target and kind of fragrance, great care is taken in the selection of the right media mix in order to ensure a high level of effectiveness, with the major thrusts being carried out during the Pre Summer and the Christmas periods.

Kemimport also distributes a wide range of gift packs which are always highly popular with customers especially during festive seasons.

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