Pharmaceuticals & Health Foods

Medicinal and pharmaceutical brand distribution

Kemimport holds exclusive distribution rights for some of the most popular and sought after medicinal and pharmaceutical brands on the island. This carries a great responsibility both towards the supplier and the end customer by striking a delicate balance between commercial interests and the social responsibility that the distribution of such products entails.

Storage & the fleet of delivery vehicles

Kemimport regularly invests in state of the art storage facilities in order to satisfy and exceed the rigorous requirements that suppliers demand in order to keep the products in top condition. Carriage is also a factor which is given high importance. For this reason, the fleet of delivery vehicles is constantly upgraded to be as efficient and reliable as possible.

Advanced stock management system

The company also adopts an advanced stock management system in order to keep a high level of product availability throughout its distribution network.

The range of drugs and medicinal products

Apart from the popular over-the-counter medicinal products, Kemimport also imports a number of prescription and highly specialised drugs and medicinal products. This involves a close collaboration with the local healthcare community and authorities in order to ensure the highest levels of service in delicate circumstances.

Kemimport enjoys 100% presence in pharmacies and private hospitals around the Maltese Islands. Kemimport is also a major supplier to the public healthcare service which incorporates state hospitals and clinics.

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