Household & Hardware

Products to compliment wellbeing.

From experience in its distribution, clients and customers Kemimport added ancillary products to complement their wellbeing in their lifestyle. A branch within our company responsible for household and hardware has been set up to respond to our demand driven niche. These products include high quality and protective working gloves, household gloves, batteries, adhesives, paint brushes and car requirements.

While such products have created a special challenge due to their reliance on outlets which are not traditionally associated with Kemimport, the company managed to achieve excellent channels, premium shelf space and a very high presence in a relatively short period of time. This is further proof of Kemimport’s reputation of representing winning brands with retailers showing very high confidence in the company as a business partner who offers value and service.

Kemimport is fully committed to develop this segment by welcoming brands who offer quality and value which are highly appreciated by the customers. Kemimport will pledge its ongoing commitment of an unrivaled distribution network and facilities supported by ongoing focused marketing and advertising which will transform the brand into a household name.

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