A Legacy Of Prestige And Quality

Kemimport has developed and grown tremendously in the years it has been in operation. It has changed with the times and strives on being current with what is needed and wanted within the market it operates in. Our portfolio is very varied and Kemimport prides itself on managing to meet all the needs through very specific brand acquisitions.

Originally, the company started from a humble beginning, but due to the vision and determination of its Chairman, Mr. Reginald Fava, lucrative international contracts were secured. Not to mention setting up shop first in Valletta, the capital, and then in other leading commercial areas in our country. The company has been driven forward alongside the industry in general, reaching very high standards.

Kemimport has managed to keep itself relevant and appeals both to the customer, through Chemimart, and the supplier. This is confirmed by the numerous world class brands that have trusted our company to be their local representatives and distributors.

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