DDP Sun Range

From tan enhancers to sunscreen protectors, Diego dalla palma has something for everyone!


Invisible, quick-drying protection. Quick and practical application, even on wet skin and without massaging. Zero residue left on the skin and anti-sand texture. Ideal for sports. It intensifies the tan and leaves the skin soft and silky. Fragranced with coconut and citrus. Available in SPF15, SPF30, and SPF50.

HOW TO USE: Apply a generous amount before sun exposure – reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming or drying.


With its advanced UVB-UVA-IR protection, it ensures complete protection from sun rays, reducing the risk of redness and irritation. Thanks to Intensive anti spot CPX – which promotes a more homogeneous distribution of melanin – and Astaxanthin photodynamic protection – a powerful antioxidant that is activated with exposure to UV rays – it prevents dark spots and wrinkles caused by photoaging. Innovative, lightweight, velvety texture, without white marks. Suitable also for pregnant women.

– avoid contact with eyes
– apply generously before exposure
– reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, bathing or drying
– do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product
– keep babies and young children away from direct sunlight
– excessive exposure to the sun constitutes a serious risk to health
– reducing the amount of sunscreen applied will significantly reduce the level of protection.
– Avoid contact with fabrics to prevent staining: in case of stains, do not bleach but use dry cleaning and then softeners.


After exposure to the sun, it gives the skin a deep sense of relief and nourishment, restoring its softness and hydration. Its tiny golden particles gently reflect the light, enhance the brightness of the complexion and adapt to any type of complexion, without altering the natural color of the skin. BRONZUP prolongs your tan.

HOW TO USE: Apply to the skin after exposure to sun until completely absorbed.


Lightweight and non-greasy, it moisturises and makes the skin silky, restoring comfort and smoothness. With its sensual bouquet of floral oils and amber notes, it perfumes and illuminates, enhancing the tan with a delicate veil of sparkling microparticles with amber tones. BRONZUP prolongs your tan.

HOW TO USE: Apply small amounts of product blending it out all over the body. Wash hands after use. It does not contain self-tanning substances.


The innovative progressive technology allows you to choose the degree of colour according to when the product is rinsed.

O’solemio¬†gives you instant color and a natural result. An innovative product to obtain the degree of tan that everyone desires. Modular and adaptable to all needs and occasions.

HOW TO USE: Apply to the skin in circular motions making sure to evenly cover all areas, avoiding excess product on feet and hands.

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