DDP Fall/Winter 2019


It rises and I, the Diva, make my entrance on the stage. Through a maze of corridors and rooms with a vintage flavour.

Girls and boys dance around me and part to open a passage for me. I sit down for a second on the velvet of a couch to absorb the warm colours of the 1970s: hues of mauve on the eyes, burgundy on the lips, deep marsala on the nails.

A wild disco music starts, the temperature rises, I want to enjoy myself all night long. I am not here to be understood, but to be adored.

Warm Tone – Eyeshadow PaletteDifferent textures with a super fine touch, easy to apply and with different finishes, opaque, satin and pearly, allow creating eye make-up from the most natural to the most intense.

Retro Shadow, Naked Peach and Toasted Caramel with an opaque finish are perfect to create hues that are warm and intense at the same time, whilst Satin Brulè defines and gives a sparkling touch thanks to its pearly texture. 

Stay on Me EyelinerA single universal shade of deep and intense marsala is suitable for all types of eyes and make-up. The creamy texture easy to apply emphasizes and gives depth to the eyes. Immediate, intense  and even colour release.

Stay on Me LiplinerA single shade which is extremely long-lasting and with a creamy texture, it glides over the lips for full-bodied colour. It can be applied on its own for an extremely natural effect or can be worn perfectly with the colours of the lipsticks in the collection for complete and glamorous make-up.

Retro Lipstick


Three elegant lipsticks in a stick coat the lips with a rich and creamy texture; it glides over the lips creating a full-bodied, velvety and emollient film which is extremely comfortable and long-lasting in time.

Full and smooth lips, a cocktail of femininity and sensuality. A pink shade, a mauve one and a burgundy one, perfect to match with the colours of the collection.

Geisha Matt Liquid Lipstick

The full-bodied texture glides naturally over the lips for the velvety and glamorous make-up of the 1970s. Synergetic action of 3 specific film-forming polymers for unequalled staying power. High content of pigments and lacquers which guarantee high coverage. Voluptuous lips with a long-lasting matte finish.

Pattern Warm Blush – Powder BlushA sophisticated case of compact powder for the cheeks. The refined geometric design, with a 3D effect, releases intense and warm mauve-pinkish shades. 

The fine texture, sensory to the touch, creates a perfect healthy glow effect on the cheeks.

Pattern Universal Face – Compact Face PowderA refined powder with universal shades sublimates the skin’s colour adding light and tone to the complexion.

A highlighter and a bronzer, with a geometrical design and 3D effect, create a fine texture, melting to the touch, giving the face a naturally radiant complexion.

Nail PolishVintage rose nails and Deep marsala nails, full colour and easy application for well-groomed and extremely elegant hands. Two thick enamel shades complete the look of the products in the collection.

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