Aqua di Malta

We’ve introducted a new fragrance onto the market – a locally scented one!

Aqua di Malta is a perfume that celebrates Malta and encapsulates the rays of the sun, the smells of the waves and the intensity of this magic land that joins Africa and Europe, the East and the West. Aqua of Malta has a unique fragrance, harmonising the thousand souls of the island; absolutely unisex, it instils emotions in both men and women, awakening memories and yearnings.

Aqua of Malta is like a walk among the scents of this enchanted island, starting with the flowery wafts and the citrusy scents of gardens kissed by the sun, it moves on towards the cliffs where the salty smells of the sea mingle with the aromas of the soil, crossing alleys fragrant with spices, and finally rests in the shade of trees smelling of wood and moss.

Aqua di Malta Packshot

Top notes: A warm luminous note, where the citrusy notes of bergamot, lime and tangerine blend with the candour of jasmine, in an intense crescendo that evokes the African sun.
Heart notes: In the heart notes the watery accord blends with the aroma of rosemary, the sharp sensations of coriander and nutmeg and of the tender violet in an olfactory mosaic that evokes the waves, the rocks and the meadows of the island.
Base notes: In the evocative base note, the woody Mediterranean notes of cedar and oak blend with the exotic sensuality of patchouli wood, in a persistent harmony between Europe and the East.

Exclusively available from our retail outlets and our online store – enjoy!

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