Club Intense



With Club Intense, SERGIO TACCHINI continues to twist the fougère fragrance in a modern way. First, enlivening the earthy sophistication with fresh citrus and spice. Then, replacing classic Club’s lavender heart note with a highly addictive tobacco-patchouli accord. The result is more sensual, invigorating and unmistakably masculine.   Instantly appealing, top notes create the perfect fusion of bergamot, basil and sharp, black pepper. Ingredients that recall summers in Italy: radiant days blending into sensual nights. Stately cypress trees sculpted by the wind and in the air, the inviting scent of nutmeg. The masculine warmth of exclusive, Sunday Evening Tobacco lingers like a caress. Its seduction deepened with animal notes of patchouli, softly accentuated with mineral amber and resinous cedar wood.   The fragrance becomes one with his skin, each golden facet reflecting the force of his seduction