Angel Nova



Discover a new fragrance with ANGEL NOVA for a modern heroine, who makes her dreams a reality and reality a dream. ANGEL NOVA reveals SUPERFEMININITY, between pleasure and confidence. Irresistible, captivating and confident fragrance notes.

This Eau de Parfum opens with a delicious fruity note bursting with euphoria, before blossoming into a new florality, unique in the world of Angel. Rose, the queen of flowers, is revisited by MUGLER. A natural rose extracted for the first time, then enhanced by upcycling, to obtain a supernatural rose, a sustainably sourced ingredient created from biotechnology. A wave of breathtaking and vibrant wood provides the fragrance’s signature, while leaving behind an irresistible fragrance trail. A fruity, floral and woody Eau de Parfum. The iconic star-shaped bottle is seen through a new light: a vibrant and luminous raspberry pink gradient dress, which celebrates Angel NOVA’s daring desire to reinvent itself.