Turmeric Capsules


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Royal Green Turmeric complex contains a powerful combination of Turmeric, Ginger and Black Pepper. Research indicates that the inclusion of Black Pepper increases the effect of Turmeric considerably. Therefore we can ensure maximum effect. Royal Green Turmeric complex is 100% cer9fied organic, highly concentrated and extremely pure. Turmeric is extracted from the root of the plant Curcuma longa; a plant belonging to the family of Ginger. Turmeric is known in India as ‘holy powder’. In countries like India, where Turmeric is widely used, certain cancers that are common in our modern Western world, are less present. These include: colon-, breast-, prostate- and lung cancer. In particular, prostate cancer is quite rare in India! According to research by the Anderson Cancer Center, Turmeric blocks a biological pathway which is needed to develop melanoma and other cancers. Turmeric is called the ‘holy powder’ for a good reason. Experts notice positive influences on more than 700 of our genes, it supports the digestive system and helps detoxify the liver. Turmeric purifies our blood and can help cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: Yellow Root (turmeric longa), ginger (Cobaea Officinale), HPMC capsule, black pepper (Piper nigrum), anti-caking agents: talk and silica.

60 Capsules