L’Homme Rochas



L’Homme Rochas, an elegant fragrance, oriental fern, symbol of an urban French lover, spontaneous and charming. An elegant interpretation of masculinity, that of a neo-French lover with an unwavering charm. Its fragrance is a reflection of Parisian elegance: modern with a timeless style. An olfactory signature of a fern with an oriental touch that gives it all its depth, its wake and its uniqueness. Sophisticated, the intense blue bottle composed of fine stripes is signed with a metal plate and engraved on the bottom of the Rochas seal as an indelible print.

A silver hood enhances the object on which the precious elixir is enclosed. On the head is the energy of a blood orange, the juicy fruity pineapple accompanied by spicy cardamom accents. In the heart, the mysterious aura is sublimated by geranium, essence of basil and juniper berries. Finally, the heart formed by the feast of patchouli and tonka reveals a delicate and strong masculinity.

The man from Rochas deflects the codes elegantly and gives us an appointment with the unexpected!