Diego Dalla Palma Nuda Warm Eye Palette




An eye palette inspired by warm nude colours to create a wide rage of looks, from natural to dramatic. Five matte eyeshadows in different shades: a cream shade for the base of the look; two dark eyeshadows: warm brown and chocolate to add intensity and define the eyes; two medium shades, beige and taupe, as transition shades. Four extra-pearl eyeshadows that play on the tones of gold and bronze to highlight the base and take the look to the next level. The matte eyeshadows have a highly pigmented formula and a smooth and silky texture for ultimate comfort. The extra-pearl eyeshadows have a cream-to-the-touch texture and take any look to the next level.

  • Matte and extra-pearl finish
  • Natural and versatile colours
  • Blendable powders
  • Practical and compact case

Size 8.5g