Diego Dalla Palma Nuda Hot Eye Palette




An eye palette inspired by very warm nude colors that allows you to create multiple make-up looks, from the most natural to the most elaborate. Two matt eyeshadows available in different shades: a cream-colored nuance, ideal for creating the base of the make-up; an orange nuance, to warm the upper eyelid of the eye. The matt eyeshadows come in a highly pigmented formula and the smooth and silky texture provides extraordinary comfort. Seven extra-pearl eyeshadows available in different shades: two dark eyeshadows, warm brown and chocolate brown to intensify the look and illuminate the eye; three nuances in gold tones, from the lightest to the darkest; an orange and a fiery red eyeshadow, which act as the true protagonists of the make-up. The extra-pearl eyeshadows are made in a sensorially creamy texture and enhance any type of eye make-up.