CR7 Origins



This vibrant blend was developed with his home island, the Portuguese Island of Madeira, in mind.  Madeira’s sense of youthfulness, energy and nature are fused together in this invigorating cologne. As Cristiano describes, “The notes and the scent represent the freshness, the colours, the breeze, the flowers, and the fruits of my home island, and we have successfully captured them in this fragrance.” Although refined, charming, and elegant, Cristiano Ronaldo Origins is laid-back, relaxing, and effortlessly casual.

Fragrance characteristics: The scent opens with a refreshing fusion of Pineapple sorbet, with Mandarin and Bay leaf that have been selected for their sustainable properties as well as their connection to Madeira. The heart of the fragrance features Clary Sage, Geranium and Salty Lavender, whilst the base is rooted in Vetiver and Patchouli.