Colour Boost


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When colouring the hair, the colour always is most beautiful and intense immediately after the colouring treatment. In the period in between two colourings the colour result will gradually fade. It will become less intense, dull and outgrowth will appear. The frequency in which the hair is washed and the condition of the hair will have their effect on this process. It is also influenced by other factors, such as sunlight, swimming in a swimming pool or sea.

To keep your hair colour intense and beautiful in between two colourings, colour maintenance is the solution! We are proud to present Hennaplus Colour Boost, a unique series for superior colour maintenance that refreshes and intensifies the hair colour in between two colourings. Colour Boost can be used with any brand or type of hair colour. The intensive care & gloss formula, without ammonia or peroxide, is packed with colour pigments. Boosting colour, camouflaging the first grey hairs and outgrowth, cleaning and caring for the hair in one single treatment.

Specially selected botanical herbs and conditioning ingredients provide superior care and gloss. Colour Boost is quick & easy to use as a shampoo and economical in use. Each package contains sufficient product for 10 – 15 applications. When used weekly, the intensive colour result can be maintained for up to 3 months!