Collagen Boost Brightening Night Cream


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Formulated to brighten skin tone and address pigmentation, our peptide-rich cream helps stimulates the skin’s own collagen production to plump and firm the skin.

Our boosting formula features Pro-Coll-One+®, a plant-based peptide, that helps increase collagen synthesis whilst plumping and hydrating the skin. Naturally occurring AHA’s deliver a mild exfoliating action to help minimise the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines, whilst Antioxidants including Rosehip Seed Oil (a source of Vitamin A), Sacha Inchi Oil (Omega 3) and Sodium Lactate work with the skin’s overnight renewal process to replenish, revitalise and restore an even skin tone.

Skin type: Suitable for all skin types and tones

Concern: Particularly suitable for premature ageing concerns including skin laxity, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and reduced radiance.