Boucheron Singulier



Boucheron Singulier Eau De Parfum For Men is a woody aromatic fragrance . This fragrance captures the Parisian essence with an intriguing scent that feels modern yet still classic. To open the composition, citrus, and juniper berries give it a bright touch from the beginning. Then, a trio of lavender, sage, and geranium reveals an energizing and spicy core. And lastly, patchouli and vetiver are coupled with cedar to heighten the depth and intensity of the scent.

The foundation of this fragrance was, in fact, the cedar note. The perfumer uses two qualities of cedar that bring together its creamy nature and its smoky side. When combined with other notes, the fragrance gains structure and richness in a timeless scent. The sophistication of this fragrance continues with the bottle in a design that resembles an emerald-cut rectangle, and a deep blue color that embodies the Boucheron entity. In addition, it has a cylindrical, shiny black cap with the logo of the Vendôme Column, which takes inspiration from the jewellery as well. 

Top notes:
Bergamot, grapefruit, and juniper;

Heart notes:
Lavender, sage, and geranium;

Base notes:
Patchouli, cedar, and vetiver.