Sensitive Hand Cream




Regenerate and protects delicate skin. With biomimetic moisturizing ingredients plus multi-active vitamin complex with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E, Amino-acids, Urea, Rosewater and Glycerol, Allantoin and nourishing additives protect the natural biosphere,  prevent rough, brittle and chapped skin felt soft and supple.

 The fine, non-greasy and water repellant protective film from dimethicone protects the hands from harmful environmental conditions and stresses. 

 Without colorants and PEG-containing emulsifiers; paraffin-free and with Physiological pH value,  EUBOS Hand Repair & Care Cream is dermatologically confirmed to be superior in skin tolerance and efficacy even for dry and sensitive skin.

A regular, daily application results in well-groomed velvet-soft hands.

Size: 25ml