Life Plankton Eye Cream




Life Plankton™ Eye is a highly efficient anti aging eye cream that brings out younger-looking eyes: the eye contour area looks denser, firmer & more resilient, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines under eyes, as well as reducing puffiness, eye bags & dark circles under eyes.

With the highest concentration of healing Life Plankton™, this firming eye cream helps prevent premature eye aging by sustaining skin regenerating capacities and fighting prominent signs of aging such as crows feet and wrinkles.

This eye bag cream and eye cream for dark circles is dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested. It is also suitable for all ages, people with sensitive skin around the eyes and contact lenses users.

With a nutritious and light texture, this creamy eye cream for dark circles immediately envelopes the eye contour area to instantly form an additional natural skin barrier for protection against further aggressions while intensely hydrating & nourishing it while fighting signs of fatigue and aging such as eye bags & dark circles under eyes.

After using the best under eye cream, you’ll be able to notice the following results in 8 days:

  • Smoother skin with a softer appearance in the eye contour skin
  • Brighter eyes with the attenuation of signs of fatigue