Iceberg Man



ICEBERG MAN evokes a rugged and sensual male. A masculinity expressed in rough woods, emboldened with spices. An intense sensuality, reflected in a warm fusion of golden resins and creamy sandalwood. Balanced together, the two facets create a pure concentrate of manly charisma.   Top notes vibrate with Lemon Essence, illuminated by bursts of black pepper and warm nutmeg. The heart is clean and sophisticated, reinventing the bespoke fragrance with a modern take on noble ingredients. Caressing the crunchy greenness of Geranium Essence is a deep, ambery-leather note of Cistus Absolute, lifted by a touch of aromatic Lavandin Essence. As it warms to his skin, the intense seduction of the fragrance is revealed in balsamic notes of benzoin, resinous styrax and melting amber. A refined and carnal masculinity transcribed in the contrasting textures of coarsely hewn cedar, patchouli and smooth sandalwood.