CHS100 Sonic Dental Care Set




The Curaprox Hydrosonic is the first sonic toothbrush of the famous Swiss brand Curaprox. It is characterized by the special Sensitive brush head, whose bristles are made from best CUREN filaments and are also suitable for sensitive gums. The brush has three cleaning levels (soft, intensive , massage function), the soft stage with 32,000 oscillations per minute, the intensive level providing even with 42,000 oscillations per minute for cleaner teeth. For whom the brushes are too soft, the CURAPROX can also order replacement power brush. In Set includes: 1 CURAPROX Hydrosonic sonic toothbrush 2 CURAPROX sensitive brush heads 1 Charger 3 interdental brushes (CPS 07, 09, 011 prime with holder) 1 Reisetube toothpaste CURAPROX enzycal 15.