Advanced Clear Blister Plaster




Fast Aid Advanced Blister Plasters utilise professional, advanced hydrogel technology to create a plaster that not only helps reduce pain but also promotes the natural healing of blisters. The result is an essential product that is ideal for use on heels and toes where discomfort due to the rubbing of new or ill-fitting shoes is experienced.
 Advanced Technology
Every Fast Aid Advanced Blister Plaster includes a large hydrogel pad to cover the blister or sore skin, which helps the wound in its natural healing by donating and absorbing water. This creates optimal moist wound healing conditions, which is now recognised to improve the rate of healing by up to 50%, as skin cells need moisture to grow. These conditions also help to reduce scarring.
 Relieves Pain and Discomfort
The soft, thick hydrogel pad also cushions damaged nerve endings to help take away the pain and discomfort experienced with blisters. It also has a cooling effect, excellent to relieve the sensation of sore, inflamed skin. The micro-thin clear film surrounding the pad helps to prevent additional damage, acting like a second skin and protecting against new blisters forming.