How to apply sunscreen

As far as we’re concerned, sunscreen is one of the most important products for your skin. The protection it provides can help keep your skin safe from the damaging effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays which can cause serious skin cancers like melanoma, but also help prevent the signs of premature skin aging. It’s […]

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Toothpaste for Kids

Even the coolest kids will be quick to get on board with our new Kids toothpaste. Not only does it protect and strengthen teeth and gums, but it is guaranteed to put a smile on their face thanks to its groovy fruity flavour. Bye bye plaque and bacteria, hello healthy teeth and gums – and […]

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How gentle whitening works

If you’re unhappy about the colour of your teeth, it’s now possible to reverse years of staining and enjoy the confidence of whiter, brighter, fresher-looking teeth. But it’s really important to make sure you whiten your teeth in a safe way that doesn’t harm your teeth or your oral health. The difference between teeth whitening […]

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5 Steps to Treating your Pigmentation

Simply put, pigmentation refers to the colouring of the skin that is caused by an overproduction of melanin. Pigmentation can be a result of high levels of sun exposure, changes in hormones or the scarring left behind after a blemish. Whatever has triggered your pigmentation, there are several routes that you can take to reduce […]

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Top Biotherm Products

As a gift to yourself, your loved one, or your best friend this Valentine’s make sure to give the gift of healthy skin to help us all feel energised for the year ahead! There’s something for everyone in the latest top products by Biotherm… 1.Life Plankton Body Milk Firming and Nourishing Body Milk.  For the […]

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Perfectil Care

The Perfectil range by Vitabiotics caters for nail care and hair care specifically. With Perfectil original rounding out all the care packages altogether.  Perfectil Original Some things are timeless. The little black bag. The little black dress. A little extra care for your skin, hair and nails. Based on decades of scientific research, Perfectil Original […]

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New Year, New Skin

A new year has started and we should always start as we mean to go on! Taking care of ourselves and our bodies should be our number 1 priority. These steps will guide you with how to go about having a good skincare routine which can stick… STEP 1 – Be Consistent with Cleansing Cleansing […]

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Car Cleaning Products Your Car Deserves

Sonax is a high-end manufacturer of auto detailing and car care products with over 60 years of experience. They have minimized the number of products needed; most of their products are environmentally friendly and all of their products offer professional grade materials with application that is easily accomplished by the professional and the beginner alike in […]

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OPTASE Dry Eye Spray

Unique and preservative free eye spray for dry, irritated eyes and eyelids.  Recent studies have shown that: Almost 70% of people had either sign or symptoms of Dry Eye Disease Over 2 in 5 people suffer from tired, itchy, or irritated eyes 7 in 10 people who don’t use eye drops say it’s because they […]

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How Good Oral Hygiene Can Contribute to General Well Being

Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall well being? Problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body and you must protect yourself by learning more about the connection between your oral hygiene and overall health. What is the connection between oral hygiene and wellbeing? Your mouth is […]

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